Empire of Silence Production Update

Just so everyone knows:

I got the editorial feedback from DAW this last week and spent a good long time on the phone with my new editor about it. Looks like everything’s great. There are some minor edits to be made, most of them at the level of the sentence or paragraph. No huge structural corrections to be made. I’ve actually already plowed through all 775 manuscript pages and straightened out the easy stuff (finishing which was my goal for today). Next comes the 66 trickier notes that are going to require a bit more attention. My goal is to have them all sorted out by 9/25/17, so that my agent can take the book to the Frankfurt Book Fair, although my editor and I agreed that the book is pretty much in its final form and will work as is for that purpose. In any case, it’s good to have a deadline. Nothing focuses you like a deadline.

This IS officially the final round of revisions, if I’m understanding things right. After this, the manuscript is going to be handed over to the copyeditor, and to authors to get jacket blurbs. This bit makes me real scared, if only because people I know and respect as authors will be reading the bloody thing and the simple idea of that strikes a kind of holy terror into my soul. At least Tolkien’s and Herbert’s ghosts cannot tell me I’m insufficient. We’ve also begun talking about cover art and jacket copy (on both US and UK fronts), and the prospect of seeing Empire of Silence’s cover art makes me feel like I’m about 7 years old and I just popped the first door on my Advent calendar. Christmas is coming.

One more item of note: I have to take a headshot tomorrow because of the aforementioned Frankfurt Book Fair, and since I enjoy looking at portraits of myself only a little less than does Dorian Grey, tomorrow is looking to be a pretty fun day. Pray for me. Sacrifice a small animal if you have to.

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