Mission Accomplished (Sort of)

Well, it’s been several months now since last I deigned post anything, and since people might actually start CARING that I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a while, I thought I should maybe fix that.

I finished my rewrite today. The book’s done again. Thank heavens. I even played some Dark Souls 3 today. The lion’s share of this labor is over. As it stands now, the book is 200,306 words long (640 pages in word). I expect the final version will be shorter, but we’ll see. I accomplished this feat in 107 days, averaging 1873 words per day. I’m slightly worried I sold my soul somewhere in there to obtain the powers to get that accomplished, but it’s been accomplished. As Frodo said, “It’s gone. It’s done.”

Only it isn’t! Because like Frodo, I have to go home and kick Saruman out of my living room–and by “kick Saruman out of my living room” I mean fix a couple niggling little issues before I send it on to Sarah, my wonderful editor. Notably, I have to translate several lines of dialogue into multiple fictional languages (this is what I get for idolizing Tolkien from age 5 onwards, and I’m nowhere near his equal in the conlang department). Fortunately, several of the languages are just Earth ones that have meandered over the centuries and I just rewrite what Google translate gives me with blurred spellings and messed up pronunciations. But the Cielcin language has a grammar. I may make it up as I go but it has a grammar. Remember, if there are any alien grammatical errors in-text, they’re Hadrian’s fault. Not mine.

Not mine.

But I’m not really done. One must keep moving, keep going. I have three more books to write (and hopefully several more, this is my dream, after all) and the next one will need an outline soon, to say nothing of revisions to this first one that will need doing. I’ll try and relax a little (Dark Souls 3 must be beaten!!) but I’m afraid to slow down too much. I’ve never missed a deadline in my life and I’m not about to start now. Especially now.

Which brings me to the news bit, or the question bit: Should I resurrect my twice-monthly video blog thing? Everyone who saw them seemed to really rather like them, and I had fun making them–however cursory my editing skills might be. When last I made a video, on 1 November 2015, I hadn’t gotten an agent yet, much less secured my deal with DAW, with Heyne, with Gollancz, or even gotten my job working as an Editoral Assistant with Baen. You can see that last video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K250TMBFp5s

I held off making more because so much was happening and I wasn’t sure if I was legally allowed to talk about any of it. I’m much more comfortable now (and not working two jobs). So it might be possible to keep up with the videos. What do you think? Leave a comment (or comment on the inevitable Facebook link (since that’s where most of you will be seeing this anyway) and let me know!


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