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Remember When I Had a Blog?

Because gee, I sure didn’t. Man. But if the past two years have taught me anything, it’s that I’m really good at not following through on things. I’ve abandoned two YouTube video projects, as well as a third and fourth one that never saw the light of day. I’ve left Bravely Default, Pokemon Y, Tales of Graces, Xenoblade, Dark Souls II, Twilight Princess and Oracle of Ages unfinished (most of those replays, but come on), I never finished my Stargate SG-1 rewatch, never started my rewatch of Game of Thones (mostly because I know it will consume my life), and stopped rereading A Song of Ice and Fire halfway through book three (because the Red Wedding makes me weepy). And on a more serious note, I broke off one and a half relationships and excommunicated a roommate.

All of this since that post about Disney World, which remains a truly magical realm above the mess of my life.

The one thing that seems immune to my apparent lapses in attention is my writing. And I guess that if I had to pick one thing to transcend my problems, it’s that. I finished the first draft on 24 September 2014, and began the second draft about two days later, after printing all 522 pages–151,000 words–and buying a dozen fine-tip red sharpies. (I know the date precisely because I marked it on the title page in red ink).

It was a beautiful time.

Since then–and it is now 31 December 2014, an oddly mythical 99 days later–and in that time I have been through 108,302 words of the second draft. That’s just under 1100 words a day, which is more impressive when you consider that about half of it has been since December 13th, the day school ended for the semester. I’ve been on a roll, and between that, Dragon Age Inquisition (which I successfully played through to the end), and visiting with friends and family over the holidays, I’ve been having a grand time. Not even work’s kept me down, and I’ve found serving the same tired lasagna to the same tired people 5-6 nights a week has become something somewhere between therapeutically humanizing and simply a thing I have to do. It’s routine, and not uncomfortable in that quality of routine-ness. I have also concluded–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that school is bad for me. Since I’ve been done with exams I haven’t actually hated being alive. I’ve woken up early, earlier even than I had during the semester, and have written well and for a long while at a stretch. I haven’t felt the creeping spectre of depression, haven’t hated my life day after day. Now that may sound ungrateful, as I live in the world’s richest country, have enjoyed the benefit of higher education at the school I most wanted to attend, but I’ve decided that that life is not for everyone, and probably wasn’t for me. But I did it anyway, because I also believe that life is in part doing a series of things you don’t want to do, and that we all need to learn that and accept we don’t all get hot tubs on our own yacht filled with whiskey. (In fact, most of us only get the whiskey…and if I had to pick one part of the dream, well…)

But I digress. The point here is that things are good. I expect the second draft will be finished by 1 March 2015, and a third, tightening draft could be wrapped up by the time my penultimate college semester is over. If all goes well, I’ll be hunting for literary agents come April. I’ve already got a short list, I just hope I can impress one of them.

I also fully intend–and we’ll see how this goes–to re-up on my initial promise to use this blog. I’m not saying I’ll be here monthly, or biweekly, or weekly. I’m saying I’ll be here more than annually. We’ll see if I can stick to that, and see if I can disprove history.